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Comments and endorsements on Bill Fries' book, The Power of the Kingdom

I challenge you to read every page… and watch your life change as mine did when I read this manuscript. This book is destined to become a classic.

Dr. Myles Munroe, President
Bahamas Faith Ministry International

Bill Fries eloquently walks us through the wisdom of the Bible and the knowledge of the sages that 'as a person thinks, so is he… Bill's simple yet profound writing illuminates the futility of 'wishing' positively but 'thinking' negatively. Give this book to someone you care about.

Linda Rios Brook
Author of The Reluctant Demon Diaries, Frontline Christians in a Bottom Line World, Jesus for Adults

Comments about Speaker/Teacher Bill Fries

One of the purest forms of teaching gifts we have ever seen in the body of Christ... anointed and compassionate... cutting edge revelation on the Kingdom of God... shares deep things from the Spirit of God.

Dr. Norman D. Benz
Lead Pastor, Covenant Centre International

Teaches with compassion, humility and brokenness.

Pastor Erick Saint-Cyr
Church of God Pentacostal
Riviera Beach, FL

Bill Fries is one of the wisest teachers I have ever met. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, he is meticulously prepared to teach his subject and has a unique ability to integrate heavenly and earthly truths. I have particularly enjoyed his teaching on Biblical financial principles; so much so, that I have often shared his illustrations with my own students.

Heidi Martin
Secondary Mathematics Teacher

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